Riptides Appetite For Rejection

Ottawa's obnoxious punks turn up once again like a bunch of bad pennies. It's been almost a year since the last release and they're getting better with age. This is their third CD, if you're counting, and it's chock full of spite, snot and laughs. There's a healthy mix of old style abrasive hardcore and more Ramones-y stuff amongst these 16 songs. They do a cool take on the classic '60s love song "Hey Paula," called "Punk Girl, Punk Boy," featuring Tanya from Spygirl. They also vent their collective spleens at mall punks, "Mall Punks Fuck Off," and the emo set, "Emo Mutherfucker." Also included are plenty of horror, B and exploitation movie references on songs like "Zombie Night," "Riot In Juvenile Prison" and "Reefer Madness." The sound quality on this is a few notches above their last record, which makes for some good listening. (Goblin)