R.I.P. Obituary/Gorgoroth Bassist Frank Watkins

R.I.P. Obituary/Gorgoroth Bassist Frank Watkins
Frank Watkins, the former bassist for death metal veterans Obituary and longtime member of Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, has passed away, both bands confirm. He was 47 years old.

News of Watkins death arrived through both bands' Facebook accounts today (October 18). Though nothing has been confirmed officially, Blabbermouth reports that the metal musician had been battling cancer for a number of years.

The surviving members of Gorgoroth issued a brief statement noting of their fallen bandmate: "he will be missed."

Obituary posted the following: "Just got the very sad news that Frank passed away this morning. Our thoughts and and prayers are with his family."

Watkins had played with Sacrosanct, Bad Rep, and Hellwitch before linking up with iconic Floridian death metal unit Obituary in 1989.

His first album with the group was their landmark 1990 LP, Cause of Death. He also played on their best-selling back catalogue entry, 1992's The End Complete. Obituary broke up in 1997, but Watkins linked up with his bandmates again in 2003 and would play with them on studio recordings through to 2009's Darkest Day. He left the band in 2010.

Watkins had joined Norway's Gorogoroth in 2007, and played with the band under the stage name "Bøddel," which translates from Norwegian to English as "Executioner." He recorded two LPs with the act, last appearing on the 2015 collection, Instinctus Bestialis.