R.I.P. Mess Folk's Philip R. Tarr

R.I.P. Mess Folk's Philip R. Tarr
In some tragic news, Philip R. Tarr, the brains behind the scrappy Canadian punk group Mess Folk, has passed away. While his cause of death is unknown at the moment, we know that he died on September 21 at his home in Sydney, NS. He was 25.

Best known for their highly prolific output, Tarr's Mess Folk project dropped multiple releases on Scotch Tapes, Bachelor Records, Bruised Tongue, Plastic Spoons, Robot Lust and Hozac Records between 2009 and 2011. It's very likely that the group still have tons of unreleased material.

As an obituary explains, "He is survived by his loving parents, Cheryl Moore-Tarr and Kenneth Tarr; his twin brother and best friend, James Franklin Tarr; his grandmother, Vera Moore; as well as a large extended loving family."

The funeral will be held on Wednesday (September 26), and you can get more information here.

Exclaim!'s hearts go out to Tarr and his family. The Mess Folk song "No Jobs" can be streamed below.