R.I.P. DJ E-Z Rock

R.I.P. DJ E-Z Rock
Pioneering rap producer DJ E-Z Rock has passed away at the age of 46. The hip-hop artist died Sunday (April 27), though his cause of death is as yet unknown.

Born Rodney Bryce, DJ E-Z Rock is best known for "It Takes Two," the dancefloor-ready mega-hit he created with his performing partner Rob Base. The song and album of the same name were released by the duo in 1988.

After the release of It Takes Two, E-Z Rock and Rob Base split up. The two reunited for 1994's Break of Dawn LP and were also present at VH1's Hip-Hop Honors ceremony in 2005.

News of Rock's death was confirmed by Base on his Facebook page in a post that has since been deleted. He also uploaded a new image as a tribute to the late performer.

A handful of rap legends shared their respects for E-Z Rock on Twitter. Check out some Twitter tributes embedded below.