Rile 'Ethereal Existence' (EP stream)

Rile 'Ethereal Existence' (EP stream)
Sometimes life gets in the way, and such has been the case for Rile. Although they've been a band since 2009, they hardly have the mass of material a seven-year runtime would suggest.

A proper demo EP and a two-song follow-up emerged in their first half-decade, but their second five years began in silence, as life and other bands took over (guitarist Sam Richards keeps busy with Cult Leader, while drummer Brian Fell is in Gloe, amongst others). Fortunately, Rile rallied, and here is the result of their rebirth — the Ethereal Existence EP.
Tracked in August of this year with Kurt Ballou, the new mini-release boasts the depth fans of heavy music have come to expect when the Converge guitarist is behind the board. This is accentuated by the expansive reach of the dizzying post-hardcore-tinged metallic hardcore the band plays.

Cutting in and out of Botch-ulisms and offshoot These Arms Are Snakes, the tracks wind their way around you with off-kilter bass leads before squeezing tight.

Fans of Cave In, Curl Up and Die or any other heavy band who saw opportunity around the walls of metal/hardcore rather than being locked within should wise up.

Check out the premiere of the entire Ethereal Existence EP in the player below before it officially arrives on Friday. (December 2).