Riff Raff "Introducing the Icon" (video)

Riff Raff 'Introducing the Icon' (video)
"Introducing the Icon," the opening track from Riff Raff's recent debut album NEON iCON, is easily one of the strongest moments on the mixed-bag of a record. Now, the song has an out-there video to go with it.

Fitting with the album's theme, the video's packed with bright neon, from face and body paint to the undies adorned by some models. There are also animated lyrics and a stern-looking Diplo who tells Riff Raff to focus on his lyrics (don't worry, Riff tells him to fuck off). It's all as colourful and weird as we've come to expect from Riff Raff by now.

Watch the video for "Introducing the Icon" below.