Reviews of 'Under the Skin,' 'Neighbors' and 'Breadcrumb Trail' Lead Our Film Roundup

Reviews of 'Under the Skin,' 'Neighbors' and 'Breadcrumb Trail' Lead Our Film Roundup
Friday afternoon puts us on the cusp of the weekend, and if it comes time to clock out and you haven't made any plans for the night, why not make it a movie night? We've got a fresh bunch of film reviews right here in this week's Film Roundup to help ensure you ring in the weekend right. Give them a read and decide what will be tonight's feature presentation.

Kicking off our roundup is our review of Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer. In this eerily entrancing film, the über-talented Scarlett Johansson is an alien living in the body of a beautiful woman who seduces men and leads them to cryptic, abysmal demises. Our reviewer praised the film's unsettling ability to captivate and enthral — read the review and get trapped in Johansson's unpleasantly sexy performance.

Next up is the review for the most recent addition to the genre of immature-fratboy-prankster comedy, Neighbors. When a rowdy fraternity moves in next to a young family, unsurprisingly, chaos ensues. Seth Rogan takes on an atypical role as a father trying to keep the peace; Rogan seems to have passed the idiot torch to Zac Efron, who plays a Van Wilder-esque character who, through the course of the film, becomes dethroned. Read the review to find out what antics this comedic dream team gets up to.

Music doc lovers will want to read our review for Breadcrumb Trail, in which the life and times of the band Slint are examined on a microscopic level. Our reviewer notes director Lance Bangs' insatiable desire "to know everything about the band he loves, and his enthusiasm creates a potent contact buzz." On a more dismal note, we've also got a review of Fed Up, a documentary that explores the obesity problem that plagues North America. The film details the deceptive workings of the food industry, and the result is eye-opening. Click the link above to find out more.

Bringing this week's roundup to a close is our review of Locke, the nail-biting character study that takes place entirely inside a car. Director Steven Knight takes advantage of the confined area, taking the audience on a distressing journey as the complex character of Ivan Locke (played by Tom Hardy) faces his unfortunate mistakes. Be sure to read the review of this enthralling thriller to find out whether it's worth its weight in popcorn or not.

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