Reviews of Mac DeMarco, Timber Timbre, Cloud Nothings Lead Our New Release Roundup

Reviews of Mac DeMarco, Timber Timbre, Cloud Nothings Lead Our New Release Roundup
It's April Fool's Day, the day where friends become enemies and almost no news is totally believable. Luckily, one thing that's no joke is the great list of new releases out today. Like every week, we've rounded up another selection of farce-free reviews. Take a look at the big ones below, then make sure to stop by our Recently Reviewed section for even more fresh reviews.

Appropriately enough, April Fool's Day brings us the release of the new record from pop prankster Mac DeMarco. Coming off the success of his 2012 record 2, Salad Days finds DeMarco introducing more introspective lyrics and experimenting with keyboards. Our reviewer notes that "Mac should earn more credit as a perceptive, extremely affable singer-songwriter."

Then there's Hot Dreams, the new record from Canadian trio outfit Timber Timbre, trades in their traditionally folkier elements for a more cinematic approach, with smooth sax and singer Taylor Kirk's gentle voice conveying the melancholic themes throughout the record, adding to the album's dark, foreboding feel. With all these changes, will Timber Timbre fans still get the record, or should the band have stuck to their roots? Only the full review will tell.

Cleveland indie rockers Cloud Nothings' third record Here and Nowhere Else takes no risks by continuing the heavy-yet-catchy, distortion-filled template set by their previous record Attack on Memory, but comes out just as enjoyable. Meanwhile, The Infamous Mobb Deep, the new record from the legendary duo Mobb Deep, finds Prodigy and Havoc reinvigorated, "Handing out malevolent verbal beatdowns for real and perceived transgressions over ominous boom bap," according to our reviewer.

Finally, Finnish metal titans Sargeist's new record, Feeding the Crawling Shadows, finds the band returning to their wilder roots after the melodic deviance of their previous record, Let the Devil In, but does restoring their old sound make for a better record? Take a look at the full review to find out.

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