Reviews of Beck, Jenny Lewis and Shabazz Palaces Lead Our New Release Roundup

Reviews of Beck, Jenny Lewis and Shabazz Palaces Lead Our New Release Roundup
Get your reading glasses on, folks — it's time for our weekly New Release Roundup. Get our reviewers' opinions on the latest and greatest albums out this week, so you can stay up to date on what's good, bad and ugly. If you're looking for more new reviews, you'll find them in our Recently Reviewed section, but we'll be back next Tuesday with another batch of review highlights. For now, read up on this week below.

Beck's Song Reader was originally released exclusively on sheet music. Now, non-music readers can get an idea of what these songs sound like on Beck's multi-artist collaboration record. Take a look at our review to see if the mysterious collection of sheet music translated smoothly into a cohesive 20-song album.

Next, get the skinny on Jenny Lewis' latest offering, The Voyager. Our reviewer thinks it's a step in the right direction for Lewis, but why not read up and decide for yourself? Then go check out our review of Lese Majesty, on which our reviewer writes that Shabazz Palaces are "pandering to absolutely no one." Find our full review at the link above.

The Devin Cuddy Band gather influences from multiple meccas of folk and country music in the American South on their new record, Kitchen Knife. See what our reviewer thinks of Cuddy's efforts on his band's latest release. Then, read our review of rock'n'roll legends Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Hypnotic Eye.

Finally, get the details on the elaborate layers of The Sound of My Name by Edmonton act Duplekita and over 20 guest collaborators. Our review notes that the album's "elaborate arrangements never sound cluttered, each layer of clanking percussion, multi-tracked handclaps, vocodered vocals, distorted guitars or synthesizer textures adding another crucial piece to the songs' melodic puzzles."

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