Retisonic Return To Me

Building on the sound they began developing on their debut EP, Lean Beat, Retisonic have truly come into their own on their full-length, the musically varied and incredibly strong Return To Me. Led by Jason Farrel (Bluetip), the rock pedigree of the band is rounded out by drummer Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety), and the recent addition of full time bassist Jim Kimball (J. Majesty). Playing a style of post-punk with strong nods to new wave style melodies, Retisonic’s songs are equal parts serious rocking and plain fun. While the band is always intent on creating a musical challenge, both for themselves and for the listener, it is clear that they are having a great time while doing it, never taking themselves too seriously, and thus creating an incredibly well-rounded listening experience. From the mathematically rhythmic opening of "Give Up” to the harmonic-heavy slow-burn of "Addicted To The Sound,” Return To Me moves from emotion to emotion and sound to sound, always seeming comfortable in any groove or situation it finds itself in. A fiercely original band intent on melding together all of their collective influences into one huge sound, Retisonic have benefited from heavy touring over the past two years, allowing them to emerge with an album that defies categorisation, and lives in its own musical world. (Silverthree)