The Rentals "It's Time to Come Home" (video)

The Rentals 'It's Time to Come Home' (video)
What comes to mind when you think of Matt Sharp's magnificently synth-buzzed career with the Rentals? Is it, maybe, the possibility of a dystopian future in which aging scientists are kidnapping people for torturous experiments in a grubby warehouse? Well, then that's an oddly specific vision that just came to life for you via the band's disturbing new video for "It's Time to Come Home."

The visuals supporting the electrifying pop waltz, pulled from last year's Lost in Alphaville, were directed by Daniel Kaufman. He fills the clip with shots of hazmat suit-sporting scientists huddled inside a janky van, staring at old files of their younger selves. They then proceed to swing through the streets to poach similar looking citizens for shocking experiments performed by ageless Rentals ringleader Sharp.

You can see the discomfiting display down below. The video is the first of a two-parter that will conclude with the forthcoming clip for "Traces of Our Tears."

As previously reported, the Rentals head out on tour next month, with upcoming shows booked in Vancouver and Toronto. If you're a bespectacled dead-ringerfor Sharp, maybe consider not standing too close to the stage. You never know what evil things the Rentals crew will get up to post-performance.