R.E.M. "Mine Smell Like Honey"

R.E.M. 'Mine Smell Like Honey'
R.E.M.'s 15th album, Collapse into Now, isn't out until March, but the band have already rolled out a number of the new songs. The latest track to arrive on the Internet is "Mine Smell Like Honey."

While singer Michael Stipe has said that the new LP will have a more "expansive" sound than the band's recent releases, this track recalls 2008's Accelerate with its brisk tempo and guitar grit. It's sure to please longtime R.E.M. fans, especially when the triumphant vocal harmonies rise up during the chorus. Take a listen in the video embedded below.

This song will receive an official digital release next week, as it will be available on Amazon starting January 18. It will be Collapse into Now's first radio single.