Reliant K Five Score and Seven Years Ago

Five albums in and seven years after their debut release, Relient K show signs of major maturity, both lyrically and musically. It has been a steady progression over the years of gradually growing up without completely losing their tongue in cheek frame of mind. The topic matter has moved from high school dances and mood rings to falling in love and a deathbed look back on a life not so well lived that’s somehow delivered in a way that isn’t at all morose. It lyrically has a more introspective and serious take on things than any of their previous efforts but their musicianship and the layering of instruments have also been taken to a whole new level while their sound still comes across as an upbeat take on Beach Boys-inspired rock. This is a band that has aged extremely well over the years, neither sounding stale nor as if their good song ideas have run dry like a river whose banks have cracked and caved before the sun. (Capitol)