Regurgitate Hatefilled Vengeance

What happens when underground gore-grind gets a production treatment from a member of Swedish grind gods Nasum? Very enjoyable things, as evidenced on this new mini-CD from Sweden's Regurgitate. The songs are still mainly quick globs of punked-out crusted gore mixed with inhumanely fast grindcore, but now all the instruments are coming through with shocking clarity, something the gore-grind scene usually doesn't care to do. But it works, this EP alone pushing Regurgitate up from a "kinda fun, background music" status to a "hmm, something quite good is happening here" level that deserves attention. The genre at hand is limiting though, and these fellas aren't working against that, set fairly firmly into the fast/faster, two-riff song structure that gore-grind is built upon, but if that's your bag, then Regurgitate is probably your new favourite band. In the "not that you'd notice anyway" department, ten of the 19 songs on this disc are re-recorded versions of cuts from their first Relapse full-length. (Relapse)