Red Mass "Sharp" (ft. Mac DeMarco) (video)

Red Mass 'Sharp' (ft. Mac DeMarco) (video)
Mac DeMarco seems to be everywhere these days. He just released his album Salad Days, graced Exclaim!'s cover, and even got his own video game, and now the cheeky Canadian songwriter has popped up on the song "Sharp" by Montreal collective Red Mass.

The song begins as an ultra-sparse ballad before a beat enters and turns this one into a darkly grooving dance number. DeMarco takes over the mic partway through, although the effect is very different from his usual wonky jangle-pop. The song eventually shifts into a pummelling metal breakdown and finishes with a quiet coda. The accompanying video, which was directed by Hart, is just as unpredictable as the song, as it's a mix of shadowy creepiness, weirdo makeup and bizarre animations.

The song comes from the upcoming album A Hopeless Noise.