Red House Painters' Early Albums Get Standalone Release Dates

Red House Painters' Early Albums Get Standalone Release Dates
Long before he was trash-talking the War on Drugs, Mark Kozelek made music as Red House Painters. As previously reported, his first four albums  were recently reissued in a Record Store Day box set. In fact, we listed the box as the best Record Store Day release, and vinyl flippers clearly read Exclaim! because the box sold for close to $400 US yesterday. In an effort to keep you from getting gauged, however, the LPs now have stand-alone release dates.

The 4AD label already promised that it would treat the albums to stand-alone reissues earlier this year, and keeping its word it has announced the release date. On August 14, the label will reissue 1992's Down Colorful Hill, 1993's Red House Painters (Rollercoaster) and Red House Painters (Bridge), and 1995's Ocean Beach.

Sweetening the deal even further, fans that pre-order the releases before May 1 will be entered into a raffle where they could potentially win a test pressing of the album they ordered. The test pressings will ship in May.

To pre-order the Red House Painters reissues, go here.

The label has also featured Red House Painters in their interactive Sleeve Notes series. Check it out here.