Real McKenzies 10,000 Shots

These Canadian boys have embraced their Scottish heritage; kilts, bagpipes and all since their inception in 1992. The wail of bagpipes over crunching guitars and a swaggering Scottish lilt not only make for the ideal dirt kicking circle pit music, but it is the perfect soundtrack for the beer swilling nights out on the town at your favourite haunt. Having toured with legendary bands such as Rancid, NOFX, Flogging Molly, Misfits, and even Metallica, these boys have got some top quality Celtic punk music on tap. Although Vancouverites through and through, these six boys incite such a raucous energy on this album that you wont be able to resist joining Mel Gibson in kicking up your kilt. Or just do as the real Scots do and drink yourself under the table. (Fat Wreck)