Real Estate "Paper Dolls" (the Nerves cover)

Real Estate 'Paper Dolls' (the Nerves cover)
A far cry from their loose, jammy cover of the Grateful Dead's "Suburban Dream," breezy New Jersey rock act Real Estate have taken on power-pop greats the Nerves.

Covering "Paper Dolls," Real Estate offer up a fast, fun performance. It's still undeniably Real Estate — everything sounds shimmery and clean — but the song suits them well.

Bassist Alex Bleeker offered the following statement about their cover of the song:

I'm drawn to the Nerves' intricate guitar work. We're interested in creating similar guitar parts for Real Estate, but the Nerves have a more aggressive sound so I thought it would be fun to wear that "musical costume" for a while. Blondie already did a pretty good job with "Hanging on the Telephone" so "Paper Dolls" seemed like the next logical choice.

Listen to Real Estate's take on "Paper Dolls" below via Pitchfork. The song is available as the B-side to a 7-inch single release of their Atlas track "Had to Hear," which is available now from Domino.