Rdio Offers New Financial Incentives to Musicians with Artist Program

Rdio Offers New Financial Incentives to Musicians with Artist Program
Many folks in the music business are looking to for-pay streaming services as a possible future for online music distribution, and now Rdio has made its service all the more friendly for musicians thanks to the newly launched Rdio Artist Program.

Using Rdio, artists are able to post their own music online, in addition to sharing music recommendations via social media hubs. Under the new Rdio Artist Program, musicians will earn $10 U.S. every time they attract a new user to the service (for at least a one-month subscription).

Any act with an existing artist page is eligible to participate, and acts like Scissor Sisters, Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion), A-Trak, Chromeo and Brendan Benson are already involved. The program is available in any country that has Rdio (which includes Canada).

Acts will be able to manage their Artist Program account with a web-based tool, and they will have options for customizing their own artist page.

"All sorts of talented and innovative artists have found an audience for their music online," said Rdio CEO Drew Larner in a statement. "But it's incredibly hard to make a living doing it. The Artist Program offers artists a way to supplement their existing revenue streams by doing what they do naturally — connecting with fans. We're aligning our focus on social music discovery with our fundamental belief that artists deserve to get paid for their work."

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