Rcola Shineola

Winnipeg by-way-of Vancouver drum & bass producer Rcola showcases his open ears, mind, and approach to the genre with this nine-track sampler. While he definitely leans toward the darker end of the spectrum, Rcola's appeal lies in his versatility, with the incorporation of jazzy and experimental elements. Unfortunately, this can result in unfocussed tracks such as "Guileless," where he's trying to pull off too many ideas simultaneously. "Tired Mind" falls into a similar trap, though with its clear V Records influence and catchy bass drops, this one undoubtedly fills dance floors when Rcola performs as a live PA. "La Chase" is more successful; with rippin' bass keys and horror movie sound effects, this dark, dance floor number hits the spot. The similarly dark "Strut Noir" follows suit. Although one can hear distortion in the track, it proves itself with depth of sound, hooky keyboard riffs, and risky breaks that are beautifully programmed. Another element is added with "Krushed," a mid-tempo, jazzy breakbeat number that takes us on a pleasant ride with its sampled horns and guitars, smooth grooves and funky beats. It's clear that Rcola has solid ideas and much to offer the Canadian d&b scene, particularly as he builds his studio and sound sources. One to watch. (Independent)