Ratatat Urge for Cellphone Video Ban at Their Shows

Ratatat Urge for Cellphone Video Ban at Their Shows
Now that most cellphones have photo and video capabilities, it's difficult for bands to stop fans from recording their shows, with the resulting low-quality media inevitably ending up on the internet. Well, Ratatat have now decided to put an end to the practice by attempting to ban cellphone videos at their shows.

The electro rock duo are currently touring North America, and this week they will play Edmonton (May 31) and Calgary (June 1). Speaking with the Edmonton Sun, multi-instrumentalist Evan Mast explained that the band are urging fans to put away their phones and not spend the night with their hands annoyingly up in the air recording.

"That's a policy that's changed and gone back and forth over the years. Lately I'm kind of in favour of banning it, because whenever you go to shows there's so many people with their iPhones and it's a bit distracting I think, for people in the audience, and for us on stage too," Mast said. "I understand the sentiment. It's cool that people want to take a piece of the show home with them or show it to their friends or whatever. But I kind of feel like it would be more fun if they just enjoyed the show."

The stage show promises to be impressive, and includes holograms and videos. This will mean that fans will be likely be tempted to record the performance, but Mast hopes they will be able to resist.

"If everyone's kind of doing this thing where they're thinking about how they're going to enjoy their experience later or show people later or something," he said, "I would rather them not use their cellphones, even if it's for talking or texting."

So if you're at a Ratatat show, pretend you're at a cinema and put that cellphone away. See the tour dates here.

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the tip.