Ram-Zet Escape

Ram-zet's second album manages to chaotically explore the musical spectrum without totally spinning out of control. Space-age synths and samples give the album a science fiction atmosphere, at times, until the band suddenly hits you with something like the strains of a gypsy violin. Escape is a hybrid of metal genres, reined in from all-out brutality by two strong female singers and some art-rock experimentation. Lead vocalist and guitarist Zet has a wicked screech that matches the thrash riffs he tosses in, grating against the album's smoother moments. The songs on Escape are on the long side and deal with mental and emotional agony that's reflected in the almost torturous quality of the music. With all the abrupt changes and drastic turns this CD takes, Ram-Zet sounds vaguely like a Norwegian goth metal incarnation of Faith No More. Demanding in its craziness, Escape is worth checking out, if you're up for the challenge. (Century Media)