Raleigh Moncrief Announces 'Watered Lawn'

Raleigh Moncrief Announces 'Watered Lawn'
Sacramento, CA-based artist Raleigh Moncrief has supported some notable names over the years, from countless collaborations with Hella drummer Zach Hill, playing guitar with Marnie Stern and racking up engineer and production credits on Dirty Projectors' 2009 breakthrough Bitte Orca. But the dude is about to venture out on his own on an upcoming solo set.

A press release explains that Moncrief has inked up with Anticon for his debut disc, Watered Lawn. Described as "pitting flurries of West African guitar against synth-derived buzz and bluster, and wedding warm West Coast beat experimentalism to Moncrief's brokenhearted falsetto," the album is apparently a highbrow fusion of electronic soul and folksy psychedelia.

Album highlights are said to include dark R&B jam "Cast Out For Days" and the oscillating, Panda Bear-styled, minimalist electro sing-along "I Just Saw," which you can download here.

Watered Lawn comes out October 25 on Anticon. Check the tracklisting below and the cover above.

Watered Lawn:

1. "The Air"

2. "A Day To Die"

3. "I Just Saw"

4. "In This Grass"

5. "Cast Out For Days"

6. "Lament For Morning"

7. "The Right Idea"

8. "Don't Shoot"

9. "Time Passed By"

10. "Waiting For My Brothers Here"

11. "Mothers"