Rajbot/Aamir Split

Hip-hop nerds Rajbot and Aamir, the latter of the Escape Artists, have joined forces for a quick, very limited-run split seven-inch. Rajbot's "Bureaucrat in Denial" is essentially a poetic plea for bicycles over cars. Raj flips in and out of double time raps effortlessly over his self-produced, crunching, and mechanically minimalist beat. Aamir's "No More Commercial Interruptions" quickly touches on bicycle vs. car, but appears to be more of a cryptic critique of current culture. The beat, cooked up by K the I??, starts off slow, and when it kicks in it is a murky, thick production like someone playing piano in a stamping factory. The package is loosely held together by artwork depicting bicycles, but the real connection between these two artists is their absolute desire to experiment on the boundaries of hip-hop. Overall, an enjoyable experience for the adventurous. (Spacement)