Radon We Bare All

Back in 1991 when the grunge of Nirvana was beginning its sweep of the music world, a little band in the little town of Gainesville, Florida was recording its first self-titled seven-inch. And although Radon’s frenetic pop-punk helped them achieve a certain degree of underground notoriety during the ’90s, their location, sporadic releases and decision not to tour kept them from getting much bigger. Now you can get all their material on one disc. Totalling just over an hour, they play a unique brand of punk rock that set them apart. Drawing on the likes of Hüsker Dü and the Pixies with the energy of Operation Ivy, their sound is both heartfelt and genuine. They even end it off with a set of Misfits covers. These live and studio tracks will satisfy the most jaded of ears. (No Idea)