Radiohead Round Up the Suits in Their "If You Say the Word" Video

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 23, 2021

In November, Radiohead will celebrate sister albums Kid A and Amnesiac with an expanded reissue, and the band have now given rarity "If You Say the Word" an accompanying music video.

Directed by Kasper Häggström, the clip follows a group of farmers driving a truck through scenic countryside, in search of suits to herd back to a more suitable habitat. You can watch the humorous round-up go down below.

As previously reported, Radiohead's KID A MNESIA reissue package arrives November 5 through XL, which will bring together both Kid A and Amnesiac along with a helping of unreleased material and alternate versions from the same sessions.

Radiohead's most recent album remains 2016's A Moon Shaped Pool. The band's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood's new project, the Smile, recently finished recording a debut album.

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