​Radiohead Call on Those Involved in Toronto Stage Collapse to Take Responsibility

The band issued a statement following a U.K. inquest into Scott Johnson's death
​Radiohead Call on Those Involved in Toronto Stage Collapse to Take Responsibility
Photo: Stephen McGill
Radiohead have issued a statement, demanding that those involved in the 2012 Downsview Park stage collapse in Toronto take responsibility for drum technician Scott Johnson's death.
The new statement comes after a U.K. inquest into Johnson's death was completed last month. It followed an Ontario inquest that concluded earlier this year.
The U.K. coroner's conclusion read:
On 16 June 2012 Scott Johnson was working at Downsview Park Toronto where a temporary stage was being constructed around him. Inadequate technical advice on construction and design coupled with wholly inadequate construction techniques led to the collapse of the roof system which caused Mr. Johnson's death.
In their statement, Radiohead remind readers that Johnson's father only ever wanted "those responsible to hold their hand up, admit responsibility, and to make sure that it never happens to anyone else."
And while they acknowledge that no one intended for Scott to die, the band point out that only Optex owner Dale Martin has admitted his responsibility in the incident.
"It is time for those others responsible to finally and publicly admit their part in this terrible incident," the statement reads. "We invite them to offer their apologies to Scott's family and friends for what they have endured, and to our surviving crew for the physical injuries and the mental trauma they have suffered."
Read the full statement below.
As previously reported, the charges issued in the stage collapse were stayed by an Ontario judge, who ruled that the case had taken too long to come to trial.
The initial charges were brought against Live Nation Canada, Live Nation Ontario, Optex Staging and an individual engineer named Dominic Cugliari.
In 2013, Live Nation denied any wrongdoing in the incident, releasing a statement that read: "We absolutely maintain that Live Nation and our employees did everything possible to ensure the safety of anyone who was on or near the stage involved in the tragic incident that led to the unfortunate death of Mr. Scott Johnson."
Last year, at Radiohead's first Toronto gig since the stage collapse, frontman Thom Yorke lamented the lack of responsibility taken for the incident.
"The people who should be held accountable, are not being held accountable," he told the crowd. "The silence is fucking deafening."