Radiohead "Everybody Knows" / "Girl (in the Purple Dress)" (1986 demo)

Radiohead 'Everybody Knows' / 'Girl (in the Purple Dress)' (1986 demo)
Radiohead's most critically adored material came in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and even hardcore fans often overlook the group's earliest work, when they performed under the name On a Friday. Although they never released an album under this handle, they recorded a handful of demos, which have since made their way onto the web.

Here are a pair of recently unearthed recordings, apparently from On a Friday's 1986 demo, which they made before Jonny Greenwood joined the band. "Everybody Knows" contains watery guitar licks, dense vocal harmonies and an unexpectedly smooth sax solo, while "Girl (in the Purple Dress)" contains dense jazzy rhythms that faintly recall the sound Radiohead explored on 2007's In Rainbows. Oh yeah, and there's another groovy sax solo.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound and YouTube user klootme for these. Stream both lo-fi tunes below.