Rachel Zeffira "Here On In" (video)

Rachel Zeffira 'Here On In' (video)
Late last year, Cat's Eyes member Rachel Zeffira ventured off from the Horrors offshoot to release her a solo set of fittingly titled The Deserters. The Canadian-born, UK-based artist is now ready to release the LP on our side of the pond through Paper Bag and is teasing the set with a video for album track "Here On In."

The video finds Zeffira cooing the moody tune from shadowy spaces and by brick walls, which make for an unilluminated vid. That's okay, though, as it gives us a chance to home in on our auditory senses and get acquainted with the hypnotic six-string licks and symphony strings that stream throughout Zeffira's sigh-inducing, sad-pop arrangement.

"Here On In" drops on iTunes tomorrow (January 8), while The Deserters arrives at retailers on March 12.