Rachel Grimes Announces 'The Clearing' LP Featuring Loscil

Rachel Grimes Announces 'The Clearing' LP Featuring Loscil
Having made a mark with the eponymous trio Rachel's, neoclassical pianist Rachel Grimes is back with a new solo album. It's called The Clearing and it will be out on May 26 through Temporary Residence Ltd.

Although this is billed as a solo album, it is by no means a solitary affair, since the 11 tracks feature a bevy of guests. Among the guests are Canadian ambient guru Loscil, former Rachel's member Christian Frederickson, Shipping News percussionist Kyle Crabtree, and more.

The results are said to touch on a variety of compositional methods, themes and collaborations. According to a press release, "The album features a wide spectrum of textures in strings, harp, piano, woodwinds, and percussion — revealing a broad new chapter for Rachel Grimes."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear "The Herald," which mixes a hypnotic left-hand piano figure with dramatic chords, tense sax and cello. The same song appears in a short half-minute trailer for the album, which is also below.

The Clearing:

1. The Air
2. The Clearing
3. The Air of Place
4. The Herald
5. The Air in Time
6. In the Vapor with the Air Underneath
7. Transverse Plane Vertical
8. Transverse Plane Horizontal
9. The Air, Her Heart
10. Further Foundation
11. The Air at Night