Racebannon Return with 'Six Sik Sisters' Album

Racebannon Return with 'Six Sik Sisters' Album
Long-running post-hardcore weirdoes Racebannon have made a major name for themselves via a deep discography full of surprises, most notably with 2003's strange rock opera Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In. That said, a new release from this band is sure to be exciting for their cultish followers, which is why we're happy to report their return.

The Bloomington, IN-based group will return early next year with a new album called Six Sik Sisters. A press release indicates that the album is "a stripped-down affair yet clear and massive sounding and proves the band to be at its hungriest, heaviest, and most venomous" and offers up "warped speed-metal riffs colliding with Sabbath-esque knuckle-drag alongside breakneck warpspeed drumming that falls only a tad short of grindcore."

The album was recorded with Converge's Kurt Ballou at his venerable GodCity Studios, with mastering from Alan Douches. Look for Six Sik Sisters to hit shelves on January 23 courtesy of Tizona Records. If you want to buy it digitally, it's available now on iTunes.

Six Sik Sisters:

1. "Thee Plea"

2. "Thee Apology"

3. "Thee Interlude"

4. "Thee Brother"

5. "Thee Truth"

6. "Thee Solo"

7. "Thee Challenge"

8. "Thee Desperate"

9. "Thee End"