Quest of Aidance

Misanthropic Propaganda

BY Denise FalzonPublished Jul 22, 2013

When a band is described as Swedish sci-fi deathgrind, you know it's got to be good. And Misanthropic Propaganda, the debut album from Quest of Aidance, is pretty damn good. Following two EPs and a demo, the new full-length comes six years after their previous Dark Are the Skies at Hand EP, but the band have obviously used their time wisely. Combining death metal and grindcore, and incorporating themes that encompass sci-fi and horror, Misanthropic Propaganda takes on a modern twist of the deathgrind sound, featuring tons of melody and epic atmosphere, with immense, clean production. "Seething Void" is a relentless attack of berating drums and crushing riffs, as Jens Kidman-style vocals and a shredding solo add some unexpected surprises to the mix. The use of The X-Files-esque samples starting with "Deadly Viral Strain" really bring the sci-fi concept home, while "To No Avail" is a simple and groovy classic death metal track. Constantly switching things up, "Section 34" features unbelievable progressive guitar leads, while "Anyx" is a short, not so sweet, brutal grind assault. The rest of the album carries on this way, changing styles from track to track with a mix of heavy riffs and melodic guitar work, as well as a variety of song structures and time signatures. Misanthropic Propaganda is a catchy, entertaining listen, and an extremely strong debut.

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