Querkus No Direction

Nobody could accuse Winnipeg's Querkus of sounding like all the other bands at the moment; they have a unique piano-driven sound that combines operatic elements along with a theatrical delivery that makes every note sound dramatic. Even with only five songs on their debut EP, the duo manages to cram a lot of variety into a short period of time. Karen Dunham tries to maximise the Tori Amos-esque aspect of her voice, which might not be the best idea, because when she really lets go and moves towards Diamanda Galás territory it gets a lot more intriguing. But it is the music that is the EP's real strong point, because of its individuality. Dunham's piano work hogs the spotlight at every opportunity, although Edgar Ozolins does add a wealth of atmosphere on guitar. The only weak spot is a remix of "No Direction‚" which flounders around with absolutely no direction of its own. However, the band's personality is strong enough to guide the music without letting someone else change the path. (Independent)