Queens of the Stone Age "Keep Your Eyes Peeled"

Queens of the Stone Age 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled'
Three weeks off from the official release of Queens of the Stone Age's long-awaited …Like Clockwork, the band have let loose a ragged live version of the album's "Keep Your Eyes Peeled."

The live number was recorded at Gent, Belgium's Club 69 and premiered on Studio Brussel. It's a hard-swung affair revolving around a crypt-creepin' fuzz bass, though the band lock into the funeral dirge a few times. The in-concert Josh Homme sounds a bit mush-mouthed, though you can hear him drops into a few falsetto cries when not using his sly, signature croon in the player down below.

As previously reported, the proper studio version of "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" will be issued, along with the rest of ...Like Clockwork, June 4 via Matador.