Quantic An Announcement to Answer

Musical prodigy Will Holland continues to amaze as he delivers yet another package of fantastic tunes to coincide with the other several under the Quantic name, and the young man is only 26 years old. An Announcement to Answer is the result of Holland extensively touring and piecing samples and influences while spending time in locations such as Puerto Rico and San Juan, and the global vibe is certainly present here. Most of the jams are on a high-tempo samba tip with a sound of several drums all thrown in to the party making the gap between Holland’s live instrumentation work with his Soul Orchestra and laptop business meld into one. Gone are the days of electronic beats and down-tempo trip-hop and the results are organic and flavourful such as the combined elements of the accurately titled "Bomb in a Trumpet Factory” where Holland takes jazz relics and flips them with rich results. The only sore spot on this otherwise great effort are the two collaborations with Ohmega Watts, an otherwise great MC, but these two meetings tend to sound like a dated US3 number as Watts does happy-go-lucky raps about how Quantic gaps Afrobeat and hip-hop. Ugh. (Tru Thoughts)