Quadron Talk 'Avalanche' and Their Dizzying Musical Ascension, Stream New Album on Exclaim.ca

Quadron Talk 'Avalanche' and Their Dizzying Musical Ascension, Stream New Album on Exclaim.ca
As "electronic soul" group Quadron get ready to unleash new album Avalanche to the world on June 4 through Vested in Culture/Epic Records, vocalist Coco O. and producer/multi-instrumentalist Robin Hannibal tell Exclaim! that their album title is a fitting titular representation of the Danish duo's recent rise to the mainstream stage.

"I think the title Avalanche… says a lot about change and us," says Coco. "A new major label, new people, different culture and new big city" are just a few of the changes the duo is dealing with.

She adds, "Everything has been a bit overwhelming. It's more good than bad, but definitely overwhelming. So we think it's a good title for the album as this is what's been happening for the last four years. It's been about growing and evolving."

The new 10-track album, which you can currently stream here on Exclaim.ca, represents a more personal and deeper sound — one that aims to reach a broader mainstream audience, according to the band.

"The first album [2009's self-titled effort], we only did the songs that were on the album, but this one we wanted to dig a little deeper," Hannibal explains. "We had more time and we also wanted to outdo the first album and only pick the best, so we completed a lot more songs and then picked the ones we wanted for the album.

"Also, we had a budget, so we could work in a very different way. This time we were able to get a lot more players to perform the parts, which was amazing because we could make it so much more musical."

The best summation of their new sound, he says, is their first single. "There are some things that you obviously want to do, and we felt that 'Hey Love' was the best song to do that. It's something that's edgy and catches people's attention because not that many people know about us."

Although, to be fair, the duo are catching on quickly: Coco was recently on Tyler, the Creator's Wolf and the soundtrack for the Baz Luhrmann flick The Great Gatsby, while Hannibal caught a great deal of attention earlier this year with the magnetic Rhye collaboration with Toronto's Mike Milosh.

"This was literally just a dream only a couple of years ago," Hannibal says of the group's success. "We are very privileged and fortunate but we also are happy it's happening because of the music and not for any other reason. It seems that the music is carrying us and getting us to these places and people who we respect tremendously."

Adds Coco, "We're young and our careers are just starting to take off. Right now I'm focused on touring Quadron. But we have a lot of talent that we can hopefully share with other musicians and other projects."

Catch the duo on tour this summer and stream Avalanche here.

Tour dates:

6/5 Los Angeles, CA - The Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6/12 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall 

6/13 New York, NY - Highline Ballroom 

6/15 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
6/16 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer

 6/18 Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge

6/19 Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club

6/21 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater

6/23 San Francisco, CA - Stern Grove

7/27 New York, NY - Central Park Summer Stage 

8/3 Montreal, QC - Osheaga

8/24 Monterey, CA - First City Festival

9/14 Atlanta, GA - One Music Fest

10/12 Mexico City, Mexico - Corona Capital Festival