Pylon Gyrate Plus

One of the great things about passionate music fans like James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy owning a label like DFA is their commitment to not only introducing new artists but also digging up long-forgotten obscure ones like Pylon and their long-out-of-print album Gyrate. Forming officially in 1979, the Athens, GA-based foursome were a significant influence on later acts like R.E.M., who not only covered "Crazy” for Dead Letter Office but also brought the band out of a six-year retirement in 1989 for their Green tour. Gyrate Plus releases their one and only album on CD for the first time, adding first single "Cool” and its b-side "Dub” to the front, a move that helps ease into the album’s more caustic bite. As concentrated in the abruptness and angular edges of post-punk as Pylon were, you can hear R.E.M.’s bright eyes open on "Weather Radio,” and Vanessa Briscoe’s caterwauling bellow is a distinct one, commanding attention on rousers like "Feast On My Heart” and "Read A Book.” But Pylon were neither as focused technically as Gang of Four nor as fascinating rhythmically as PiL. Truth be told, they’d likely sit on the bench along with Blurt and the Homosexuals admiring the ways of their more pronounced peers if this was some post-punk all-star game. That said, Gyrate Plus certainly does have its charm and though the timeliness of this album may be a little off six years after this genre’s boom, another forgotten post-punk band are always going to be welcomed with open arms. (DFA)