Putrescence/I Die Screaming Split

A steaming assault of grindcore fury, this three-song split between Putrescence and I Die Screaming is so bottom-heavy and ravenous it’s almost impossible to think two bands stuck in the middle of the Prairies could unleash such demonic girth. Although Putrescence offer up a solid blast of low-end rumbling on "Gutted, Coated With Malignancy And Re-Emboweled,” their bottom-heavy style lends itself more to death metal with minor hints of Carcass and Cannibal Corpse than outright grind. It’s not until I Die Screaming’s "Let Your Blood Soil The Earth” and "Sphere Of Influenza” that the full-on barrage of unadulterated grind actually takes over. Replete with alternation between staccato off-timing and blast-beats, the two tunes are a jarring assault, entirely complementary to Putrescence’s rumbling dissonance. (Eschaton)