​PUP Literally Raft Up Shit Creek in "Sibling Rivalry" Video

​PUP Literally Raft Up Shit Creek in 'Sibling Rivalry' Video
PUP have shared a video for their Morbid Stuff cut "Sibling Rivalry."
The clip sees frontman Stefan Babcock picking up his drawing pencil once again, illustrating tales about him and his sister's annual camping trips.
He reveals their unending plight to "out-dumb each other," which in one case led them to attempt to raft down a sewage creek in a "shitty inflatable boat" — unfortunately, it turns out that the water was even shittier than the boat.
That didn't stop Babcock and his sister from adventuring further, and the video also captures a snowy trek in the mountains. Predictably, that also ends badly.
Meanwhile, the rest of the guys in PUP are back home in Toronto having perfectly nice and normal hangouts with their siblings (or in only child Steve Sladkowski's case, playing ping-pong alone).
Watch the video for "Sibling Rivalry" below.

The band's North American tour behind Morbid Stuff will see them play in Toronto and the U.S. this summer before a wider run of Canada in October. You can find their complete tour itinerary over here.