PUP "Mabu" (video)

PUP 'Mabu' (video)
It's no secret that PUP love their car. In fact, "Mabu" off of the band's excellent self-titled debut album is an ode to the vehicle.

That track has now received the video treatment, and while Mabu may no longer be with us, the clip definitely sends her off in style. Watch as the boys prep her for the demolition derby, using skateboards and bags of fast food to bust out the windows, then using the trunk as a giant cereal bowl. Pizza hubcaps, while innovative and delicious-sounding, don't pan out so well for our four-wheeled friend, but she makes it into the ring regardless.

Catch the band on tour this fall and check out their fun, fond farewell to beloved car in the video for "Mabu" below.