Psyopus Our Puzzling Encounters Considered

Maintaining the same feverish pace and all out mayhem that they’ve become known for, Psyopus have delivered yet another instalment of hallucinogenic necromancy. While the era of all things relevantly tech metal seems to be drawing to a close, Psyopus manage to be one of the few setting themselves apart from the cookie cutter fad mongers. The high calibre musicianship is immediately captivating, while their unwavering fret board manoeuvring cuts through the airwaves with all the subtlety of a chainsaw. They’re able to avoid robotic-isms by making an enigmatic, if somewhat intangible, effort at writing songs, including a few light-hearted melodious and jazz-oriented breaks. Instead of the constant noodling simply melting into a discombobulated lump, each tune has at least one massive hook that lends itself to differentiation. The accelerated motion and advanced mathematics hide this fact rather well and any sort of structure is fairly elusive. This complexity commands attention and it takes much more than a couple of listens to absorb everything that is taking place. This isn’t an album for people seeking catchy choruses or stereotypical breakdowns. As daunting as it may initially seem, this is a puzzle worth putting together. (Metal Blade)