Psychic Ills Dins

The most exciting record of the year so far comes in the form of this mind-blowing debut by New York City four-piece Psychic Ills. By mixing elements of free-drone, space rock, shoegazing and Jesus & Mary Chain-ish rock’n’roll swagger, Psychic Ills have created something new under the sun that is as time-honoured in its familiarity as it is fresh and current in its delivery. Stomping, no-frills tunes like the outstanding "Electric Life” and "Another Day Another Night” co-exist alongside free-form freak outs like "East” and "Untitled,” a tension-and-release formula that recalls the first Red Crayola album, The Parable of Arable Land — a definite influence and key reference point for Psychic Ills’ highly accessible psych-drone excursions. It’s also a fitting comparison since Psychic Ills seem to have likewise appeared out of the ether, having formed in late 2003 and only released a pair of strictly limited vinyl-only singles (Mental Violence I and II: Diamond City) before heading into the studio to concoct Dins. But don’t be alarmed: this is no put-on, Psychic Ills aren’t the Strokes — they’re genuine. So ladies and gentlemen still floating in space take note: your new Spiritualized have arrived. Greet them and you will be honoured by their immaculate and timeless sound. (Social Registry)