Protomartyr 'Relatives in Descent' (album stream)

Protomartyr 'Relatives in Descent' (album stream)
Two years on from The Agent Intellect and with a new deal with Domino in place, Detroit post-punks Protomartyr are giving us their label debut, Relatives in Descent.

Right now, you can stream the album below. It was recorded in Los Angeles with Sonny DiPerri (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors), who also served as co-producer.

A press release previously promised, "Twelve variations on a theme: the unknowable nature of truth, and the existential dread that often accompanies that unknowing."

Meanwhile, Protomartyr vocalist Joe Casey had this to say: "I used to think that truth was something that existed, that there were certain shared truths, like beauty. Now that's being eroded. People have never been more skeptical, and there's no shared reality. Maybe there never was."

To hear how that all plays out on record, you can stream Relatives in Descent below, as it's out now via Domino. You can also read Exclaim!'s review of the album here.