Proletariat Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies

It’s about time that today’s generation of punks learned once more about what the Proletariat were and the musical and political power that they possessed. Moreover, it’s about time that these recordings were reissued to those craving remembrance of such an almighty anti-authoritarian band. This Boston four piece premiered on 1982’s, This is Boston, Not L.A. compilation, and ever since that release they’ve left their mark. Everything from the Boston Not L.A. sessions, to their albums Soma Holiday and Indifference, to material from various compilations and demos are contained in this essential two CD package. Sounding like an extremely political, Crass-influenced version of Gang of Four meets Wire, the formula for the Proletariat’s infamy was certain and this release is pure evidence of just that. With 45 tracks in all, a nicely packaged booklet of lyrics, photos, a discography and flyers, Taang! have truly outdone themselves with this reissue. (Taang!)