Problem "Dollaz and Sense" (ft. Childish Gambino) (354 Liftoff Remix) / '354: Liftoff' (mixtape)

Problem 'Dollaz and Sense' (ft. Childish Gambino) (354 Liftoff Remix) / '354: Liftoff' (mixtape)
Later today (August 28), Compton rapper Problem will unveil his next mixtape, 354: Liftoff. Before the freelease drops — at 3:54 EDT, naturally — the MC has unleashed a vintage, West Coast rap-styled remix of "Dollaz and Sense" that has him saluting the Golden State alongside Childish Gambino.

As if pumped in a low rider during the prime era of G-Funk, the track bounces along via bump 'n' grind bass work, a steady and smoky clap beat and slippery synth sounds. Problem spends his time spitting about dice games on 102nd and Main, lockin' lips on a late-night booty call and how he won't play with your punk ass, boy. Gambino jumps onto the track to talk about being born in Cali, growing up as a Home Alone-style latch key kid and more.

The tape version apparently comes equipped with a freestyle on Drake's "0 to 100," and also features re-envisioned versions of Bobby Schmurda's "Hot Nigga" and Disclosure's "Latch." You can hear the truncated "Dollaz and Sense" down below.

UPDATE: You can now stream/download the entire mixtape below.