Pro Era "Dirty Dancing" (ft. Rokamouth, A La $ole, Jean Deaux)

Pro Era 'Dirty Dancing' (ft. Rokamouth, A La $ole, Jean Deaux)
Just as Joey Bada$$ had promised, the Pro Era are dropping a bunch of new tunes ahead of their Valentine's present The Secc$ Tape 2. Following Bada$$'s "Pantie Raid Pt. II," Rokamouth and A La $ole have now served up "Dirty Dancing."

Almost recalling some of MF DOOM's beats circa Operation Doomsday, producer Powers Pleasant pumps out a pleasantly off-kilter beat built around vivacious faux-flute synths. Rokamouth sets us up some bars about giving his heart to music, guest rapper Jean Deaux shushes out some sly lines, and A La $ole plays clean-up with a clothing-optional verse.

Pro Era's love day special drops in full this Friday (February 14), but you can bump and grind along to "Dirty Dancing" ahead of time via the stream down below.