Pro Era "Chocolate Strawberries" / 'The Secc$$ Tape 2' (mixtape)

Pro Era 'Chocolate Strawberries' / 'The Secc$$ Tape 2' (mixtape)
As promised, Beast Coast young'uns the Pro Era have closed out their #PROERAWEEK by offering up their Valetine's Day-timed, sex-themed The Secc$ Tape 2 freelease in full. The thing is, there was only one track left to reveal, and it's Dessy Hinds' metaphor-laden dipper "Chocolate Strawberries."

Atop Jay Circa's fluttering harp-and-boom bap arrangement, the tape closer has Hinds getting all riled up by his girl's tubesocks and khakis before discussing a planned mash-up of various pink lips and the possibility of bringing a bunch of friends over for the party. Kirk Knight offers up his services too by stopping by on the track.

Lick your lips, close your eyes, and sample the sweetness of the final Secc$ Tape 2 single by streaming or downloading the whole set, featuring appearances from Joey Bada$$, NYCk Caution, Dirty Sanchez and more, down below.