Prefuse 73 The '92 vs '02 Collection

Scott Herren released one of the most beautifully creative records last year with his debut under the Prefuse name, Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. The man responsible for creating abstract breaks is back with a short little gem that may not better, or even equal, his debut, but it stands very strong regardless. Opting for more electronic-based noises, rather than chopped up hip-hop beats, it may sound like Herren has strayed away from his distinct formula upon first listen, but he's just making his audience dig a little deeper for aural satisfaction. A good example of the more electronic influence can be found within the Morse code beats and computer blips that surround "It Never Entered," but amongst these new ingredients are the subtle manipulations and arrangements that make Prefuse 73's sound recognisable. "Love You Bring" stands out as the EP's strongest track, keeping a steady guitar-laced beat with female vocal manipulation that has become a familiar key in Herren's catalogue, while "Desks.Pencils.Bottles" is a clever arrangement of those three elements to create a jam session. There's too little material on this four-song EP to make a judgement as to where Herren may be headed next with his craft, but what he has thrown towards our direction is a quick and smart electronic-based record. (Warp)