Pre-Teen Post-Punk Chandra Treats 'Transportation' to Vinyl Reissue, Announces Toronto Show

Pre-Teen Post-Punk Chandra Treats 'Transportation' to Vinyl Reissue, Announces Toronto Show
Chandra was just 12 years old when she made her EP Transportation back in 1980, and the record continues to live on thanks to a reissue on Canadian label Cantor Records. Following a 2008 pressing that subsequently sold out, the album will be coming vinyl once again in October.

Chandra is the daughter of artist Dennis Oppenheim, and she was backed on this EP by members of noisy new wave band the Model Citizens. The youngster wrote the lyrics and melodies, while her band penned their own accompaniment.

So what exactly does a 12-year-old sing about? A press release describes the songs like this: "Lyrically, Chandra's songs reflect the day-to-day dualities of the people and events in an off-kilter life. Adolescent vs. adult. Artist vs. individual. New Wave vs. No Wave." These words are combined with "rubbery bass lines, resonant organs, razor wire guitars and... spectral dub echoes."

The original pressing of Transportation contained just four tracks, but as with Cantor's previous pressing, this adds four bonus cuts from the singer's all-teenage touring band the Chandra Dimension. See the expanded tracklist below.

Scroll past that to listen to the songs "Opposite" and "Get It Out of Your System."

To celebrate the reissue, Chandra will come to Toronto to perform at Double Double Land on October 17. She will perform the songs from Transportation along with Bile Sister. Get more information on Facebook.


A1. Opposite
A2. Concentration
A3. Subways
A4. Kate
B1. Get It Out of Your System
B2. Stranger
B3. Tish le Dire
B4. Something