No. 1

BY Sophie BrzozowskiPublished May 8, 2019

Though No. 1 will be their first release, Pottery have already caused something of a stir. Having first caught listeners' attention with a triumphant set at POP Montreal last year, the Montreal-based band are set to release their debut EP to a crowd of eager listeners.
While the band boast the same groovy, psychedelic sound, it would be remiss to compare Pottery to Homeshake, Montreal's current indie ambassador. Indeed, many of the tracks align more closely to a band like Wolf Parade, for their yelping vocals and brooding, focused energy.
While the band's inspirations are evident, their biggest assets are their musical instincts and willingness to experiment. The unusual structure of "Lifeline Costume" and the jarring rhythm on "The Craft" are evidence of a band brave enough to take the risks necessary to develop a truly unique sound.
Though only seven tracks long, No. 1 is a promising debut from an exciting new artist. Pottery are sure to make waves in the Montreal scene and beyond.
(Royal Mountain Records)

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